​ Tips on Choosing Modular Home Builder

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Houses are gaining in popularity, offering many features of stick-built homes
but at a more predictable cost. In choosing modular home builders, you should
evaluate your budget, choose modular floor plans and investigate builders to
find one that can deliver the floor plan you seek within your budget and with
high quality.

homes, sometimes called prefab homes, are made of engineered or prefabricated
sections, constructed in a factory, then assembled on the construction site.
Modular home builders manufacture homes for many states, so modular building
systems ensure the homes meet or exceed all local and state building codes,
making them exceptionally sturdy and strong. Modular building controls costs
and time by following a system of efficient procedures. The customer will first
choose floor plans or meet with modular home builders to create new and unique
plans. The plan you choose will depend on your personal preferences, family
needs and budget.

evaluating your budget, be sure to include the cost of site work. Site work is
the digging and foundation pouring needed before the modular home can be placed
on site. Most modular home builders can refer you to site contractors for an

evaluating modular home builders, look at all available companies and narrow
the list by those offering the floor plans you seek. Prices vary little in
modular construction, so choose quality before price. Once you choose a floor
plan, the modular home builders can provide accurate costs and time lines based
on your personal situation.

references for the modular home builders left on your list. Ask about specifics
in work style, punctuality, and professionalism. Try to get two or three
references for each builder.

Once you
choose the modular home manufacturer you like best, visit the factory where
your home will be built. Notice the level of professionalism in the workers
there. You can expect the quality of your home to match the quality of the
employees you observe. If you are satisfied after the factory tour, there is
one final step before you choose this builder over other modular home builders.
You must read the contract carefully, and only sign on with the builder after
you have read and understood all the contract requirements.

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