840 roof tile roll forming machine

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840 roof
tile roll forming machine plate connection breaks the convention of
conventional roofing with a screw gun. The installation method uses a 45 degree
cradle bite installation to make the roof waterproof better. Products are
widely used in various industrial plants, housing, warehouse roofing and wall
production and beautiful, durable.

840-color steel tile machine technical parameters and quotes:


A: 1,
forming the host Dimensions: 5.5 m * 1.4 m * 1.2 m

  2, molding row number: Roll 11 row

  3, the main frame: 300mmH steel welding

  4, roller shaft diameter: 70mm (solid)

  5, the plate with 14mm steel welding (336mm

  6, the host power 3kw weight 2300kg

7, the
drive uses 6 points sprocket, chain drive (in-line), 4 # 3kw planetary cycloid
reducer, smooth movement, no noise.

8, two
sets of high quality tight up on the rack

rolling parameters

  1, work efficiency: 8-10 meters per minute

  2, rolling thickness: 0.3mm-0.8mm for color
coated or galvanized sheet.

  3, rolling sheet width: 1000mm


840 Press
tile machine Caigang tile press machine is used in wet production of glazed
tile extrusion press for vacuum extrusion and cutting the rough tile precision
press molding hydraulic press. Automatic tile pressing machine can be installed
separately, but need manual pre-billet, unloading billet, can also be equipped
with automatic loading rack and unloading manipulator and extruder, cutting
machine, billet machine and Waduo conveyor line and other components Production
lines, do not need to manually operate.

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