Advantages of color steel tile equipment

:2017-02-24 07:02:21 :Liming Daily:729

1 the best waterproof performance: only the filter press molding of the tiles can do the bottom of the tile structure, so that the outflow of rain more smoothly and more quickly, to avoid the roll forming ordinary cement tile rain upstream phenomenon. In addition to the molding of the tile only vomit higher part of the retaining effect, that is used in the level of the roof, there will be no rain upstream phenomenon.


2 model is accurate, can be designed according to demand: after molding, high strength (1250 k Newton's pressure), the size of accurate, uniform density. More than 200 kg of flexural strength is enough to allow the construction workers to have been on the roof of the walk freely.

3 whether it is vertical laying or horizontal laying construction is convenient and feasible. In the general roof, you can not use hanging tile, but also easy to use cutting machine at any angle to wet the tile.


4 molded color tile with the upper and lower left and right hitting ramps and slopes, so that the roof to form a close overall.

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