Application of color steel plate

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In recent years, color steel plate house is a very popular building, its characteristics are convenient, fast, practical and very good, very popular with people.

The construction of color steel plate activity room need to use light steel skeleton, the sandwich panel as enclosure material, space combined with the standard modulus series, bolts used to connect components, the use of color steel materials on this period, is a house has environmental protection significance. The real color steel plate can be easily assembled and disassembled quickly and to achieve a common standardized temporary buildings.


Color steel plate coating is cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, surface chemical treatment after coating (roller) or composite organic thin film (PVC film), then after baking curing and manufactured products. There are people who have this product called "pre roll coating color plate, plastic color steel color plate." is a manufacturer of products into volume production in continuous production line, so also called painted steel plate. Color steel plate has both steel materials with high mechanical strength, easy molding performance, and has good decorative coating materials and corrosion resistance. The color steel plate is a new material in the world advocate. With the progress of science and technology increasing awareness of the environment, improve people's living standards, color plate activity room shows more and more strong vitality and broad market prospects, by construction, household appliances, machinery, transportation, interior decoration, office equipment and so on.


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