Arc ridge tile roll forming machine

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steel roof tile is the new building materials It has rich colors, classical and
elegant,can enhance the beauty appearance for your building. Its light weight,
high strength, good waterproof performance, convenient installation and can be
widely applied to the villa roof, sloping roof of city, tourism scenic area
construction. The construction of the combination of light material and various
auxiliary materials the comparison with other materials, not only the construction
period is short, and the construction is simple, and no editing can keep the
roof beautiful. The arc is based on manual color steel roof tile roof tile is
more perfect, is the best partner of color glazed tile or color steel plate.Our
company is a professional manufacturer of cold roll forming machinery in
China.We can according the customer’s need to design the profile.In order to
meet the market’s need,we launch a machine called “
ridge tile roll forming machine.”



The”Arc ridge tile roll forming machine”is consist of
decoiler,flattening system.roll forming machine,PLC control system,hydraulic
cutting system and run-out tables.This production line is controlled by PLC.You
just input the correct length you want to process,the machine will automatic
operated. It’s very suitable for just contact the roll forming industry


you have interested in this machine,you can contact with Dan.




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