Automatic color steel plate pressure roll forming machine

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Automatic color steel
plate pressure roll forming machine
is composed of
machine, PLC computer control system, hydraulic pumping station system, fully
automatic after the shear system, the use of high level of automatic control
software to achieve production information management. The entire unit
automation control system uses highly integrated network, so that the
automation system performance is superior. Automatic color steel pressure
equipment also has the operation, maintenance, maintenance and mechanical
debugging, mold replacement easy and so on.


This section of Dover peak color steel
production of color steel plate is the Duowa peak color steel plate type, tile
peak, covering a wide area, waterproof effect is good, Pohai color steel
products are widely used in building appliances and transportation Industry,
for the construction industry is mainly used for steel structure plant,
airport, warehouse and frozen industrial and commercial buildings such as the
roof walls and doors, civil buildings using less color plate. The advantages of
color steel plate with good corrosion resistance, colorful, beautiful
appearance, easy to shape and have the original strength of steel and other
advantages and low cost and so on.

Automatic color steel
plate pressure roll forming machine
is fully automatic
computer control, automatic production, is a low-cost, high-efficiency
production equipment. The machine does not need too much manual participation,
as long as the workers in the computer controller to enter the desired plate
data, a key to start, the machine will automatically produce, reach the plate
set length, the machine will automatically cut, cut the size of precision, A
small range, the final cut by the workers finished finishing the finished sheet
can be. This section trapezoidal tile before processing the raw material width
of 1250mm, after processing seven watt, practical width of 925mm, is a wide
coverage, color tile bearing one of the strong.


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color steel plate pressure roll forming machine
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