Automatic strip slitting line

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CNC strip
slitting line is completely designed and manufactured according to customer
requirements of an automatic cutting and slitting one of the shear, the device
components: raw material unwinding bracket (10T) → leveling → vertical shear → receive side Material → Pneumatic clamping device → Automatic winder (10T), according
to customer needs tailored cutting different number and thickness of the
slitting production line unit.

1. The
slitting line for sheet slitting production line, custom processing thickness
of 0.1-3.0mm

2. The
slitting line Machinable plate material: copper, stainless steel, cold plate,
silicon steel, tinplate and so on.


3. The
slitting line for the automatic slitting equipment, the entire line of
automatic processing, without artificial participation too much, saving
manpower and resources.

steel coil slitting slitting production line is a vertical slitting of steel
sheeting a fully automatic slitting machine, the device is designed according
to customer requirements, manufacturing, custom cutting different number and
thickness of the Slitting plate production line.


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