C profile keel roll forming machine

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The C
profile keel roll forming machine could produce c and u steel sections punching
holes and sizes adjustment fully automatically. This machine can save time,
money and working space for customers. Thus, the industries prefer this machine
whereas as other metal fabrication equipment are necessary in some cases and
cannot be replaced but roll formers are really important tools. It is
considered as the best tools that could help us in metal fabrication industry.
Our company providers of such rolling machines with various specifications. We
make sure that each of our product is better than the other. We understand that
a good roll forming machine on your plant can easily decrease the human labour,
thus you make more profit and save money and time at the same time.

The C
profile keel roll forming machine is made of decoiler, roll forming device ,
cutting device , PLC control system, receive table .


company is the most professional C profile keel roll forming machine
manufactory and supplier. Our productions are not noly have beauiful apperence
but also more stable and useful . We have powerful bull style roller shutter
door roll forming machine and comprehensive style shutter door roll forming
machine.You can choose the machine according to your requirement.


The C
profile keel roll forming machine is now primarily used as protection – a
security against burglars, thefts, robbery and break-ins. The shutter will make
it difficult for a perpetuator to open the door or window. The roller shutters
that form the hinges have interlocking slats which provide the security.


company is a leading manufacturer for steel plate coiling machinery,
roll-forming and automatic production line. The products are mainly used in
steel structure industry for producing C&Z shape purlin, loading -bearing
plate of buildings, wall and roof protective structure residences,environment
industry anode plate and kathode plate lines for removing dust;
traffic-transport industry freeway guardrail plate, vehicle roll-forming
materials; logistics. Goods shelf pillar ,holding beam; cable bridge, cabinet
pillar and other collorary thin wall roll-forming materials serials-such as
goods board, kinds of cabinet screen plate. Then, it can also supply kinds of
lines of uncoiler, leveler , slitting recoiler, cut-to-length shear stacker.



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