The characteristics of keel machine

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The keel machine for shock, fire structure. The keel machine is used to manufacture parts, such as cars, tractors, trailers, rolling stock, farm machinery and lifting and transporting machinery. It can reduce the weight of the equipment, reduce the production cost, save the power consumption and improve the transportation and mechanical work efficiency.


The material of the keel machine is diversified, not only can a single production of carbon steel, low alloy high strength steel, stainless steel, but also can produce a variety of plating plates (such as galvanized, tinned, aluminized, etc.) (All kinds of organic plastic layer) and other materials keel machine, as well as a variety of non-ferrous metals (such as copper, aluminum, titanium, etc.) keel profiles, to adapt to a wide range of needs.

With the progress of science and technology, all walks of life production of water products are improving, we string bone machine industry production level is no exception. We continue to improve the technical content of the dragon skeleton, so that the keel can produce better quality products, and to make the use of keel more convenient.


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