Color steel decorative roofing tiles

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steel decorative roofing tiles
and  color coated steel plate, decorative plate make  by the color of steel forming machine roll
into a variety of shapes of building roof pressure plate
, for industrial and civil construction, warehouses, special
construction, large span steel The structure of the roof, walls and interior
and exterior decoration, with high strength, light weight, color and rich,
convenient construction, seismic, fire, rain, long life, maintenance-free
features, has been widely applied.


This Color steel decorative roofing
  kind of Color
steel decorative roofing tiles
easy to replace. By changing the pressure roller of the press machine, it can
produce another type of plate, which can satisfy all kinds of traditional and
modern architectural design styles. Unique ductility makes the material easy to
bend and shape will not be deformed, it will not damage the surface coating.
Color steel decorative roofing tiles can be a perfect
expression of the architect's design ideas, much of the architects of all ages.


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