Container Box Panel Roll Forming Machine

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Product description
of durable quality
container box
panel roll forming machine
: The car body tight and solid, high
mechanical strength, the surface smooth appearance, corrosion resistance,
impact resistance, wear resistance, easy to clean. The cold box is composed of
a fully enclosed plate structure, and the plate is made of high strength
adhesive structure. It has the maximum connection reliability and the best
sealing and insulation performance. The installation of the envelope is simple
and quick.


box panel roll forming machine
main structural features:

A, Structural
appearance, due to the machine using H-shaped steel structure, after welding
the overall processing, so the structure is simple and reasonable, storage
capacity, smooth and reliable operation.

B, Other important
components of the equipment, components are used in the well-known domestic
enterprises accessories, which effectively ensure the performance of the

box panel roll forming machine
main structural features:

C, Automation into a
high, fixed length cut off, fixed length positioning accuracy, the shape of the
first tail and tidy, no deformation.

D, The equipment
installation and debugging convenience, both for factory production.

E, The equipment is
low noise, high efficiency.

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container box panel roll forming machine :
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structural features:

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