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Our factory is a leading manufacturer for steel plate coiling machinery roll forming and automatic production lines. The products are mainly used in steel structure industry for producing C&Z shape purlin, load-bearing plate for high-grade steel structure residence.



The core of our corporate culture should be: to the market as the center, to the value of survival, and development with workers, to innovation as the soul.


There are seven element in our corporate cultural positioning: creative and risky; notice the details; results leads; team leads; human relations leads; spirit of enterprise and stability.

Today we talk about the first elementcreative and risky.

Our enterprise, set up in 1996, is the most powerful manufacture in cold roll forming machinery production in North China. In the long-term development, our company made great progress in the creative of the machinery. At the same time, we took many risks.

Maybe we can see the creative of the machinery by the following pictures. This is the process about the change of our machines.


Of course, We met many troubles in the process of research. But we overcame them. It is worth doing all the paying. Satisfied with customer is our company aim.

Now we made great progress in the export. Our products have been sold to Canada, South Korea, Holand, Suriname, Srilanka, Malaysia, Vietnam, Nigeria and so on. Our products spread all over the world, and the machines got the high praise by our customers.


We will provide high quality products and our enterprise will hang on.


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