Custom Modular Home – A Rewarding Investment

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homes offer a customizable, efficient, quick alternative to site-built homes.
Separate units of a modular home are built in a factory, and then transported,
and assembled on your property. They offer distinct advantages over traditional
methods of building, such as lower expense, yet cannot be distinguished from a
"normal" house.

The first
step in creating your perfect modular home would be design. Most companies that
build modular homes suggest different floor plans, yet allow you to fully
customize your entire home. You can choose the floor plan, square footage, roof
slope, types and locations of windows, style of carpet and fixtures, etc.
Therefore, it is an unfounded complaint that modular homes are cookie-cutter
copies of each other. They are often more distinct than many houses in planned

Next, the
company will transfer your modular home plans into component parts, or
elements, called modules. Your house might have one section for the master
bedroom and bath, another for the porch and deck, and another for the attic.
These are prefabricated in an efficient manner in an indoor factory, therefore,
they can be built year-round, no matter the weather. Modules are almost
complete when they leave the factory, including interior paint and flooring.

The modules
of modular homes must be transported on large trucks to the ultimate location.
The property only needs a few preparations, such as a poured foundation and
utility hook-ups for water, electricity, and gas. Then, the modules are
carefully swung into place with huge cranes. A local contractor works with
builders to assemble and finish building the home. Astonishingly, this can take
as little as two weeks, and is usually completed within a month. Finish
elements include wiring, plumbing, exterior siding, strengthened connections,
or a driveway.

modular homes share many characteristics of standard, site-built homes. They
are financed by bank and loan centers in the same way. Besides, if built
properly, they conform to all state and local building codes, so they
successfully accumulate resale value. Many people cannot tell them apart from
the house next door. Modular homes have little in common with mobile, or
manufactured, houses. Many people faced with an empty property consider
Container Houses a simple and rewarding investment.

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