How to Design Prefabricated Homes

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As far as
we know, Prefab House has quickly grown in popularity all across the country.
Today, the word, "Prefab" is used synonymous with the word
"Modular". However, as a matter of fact, they are not the same. When
discuss a prefab home, it actually referring to a home built with regular,
stick-built codes and materials. The only difference is that the home is built
in pieces in a factory and then put together on-site. Well, this article will
teach you how to design prefab homes.

First of
all, walk through several prefab homes to get a feel for the ample
possibilities. Typically, prefab homes are built in halves. That means most
homes are rectangular. That doesn't mean, however, that you can't have many
different interior design possibilities. Visit a prefab home dealer and walk
through their lot. You will be amazed.

remember to leave room for stairs going down into the basement. If you want a
basement, make sure you leave room in your design for the staircase. In prefab
homes, typically, the stairs begin on the center seam of the house and step
down towards one of the outer sides. To maximize your space, put a half closet
on the other side of the staircase. Otherwise the room is wasted.

Then, keep
the prefab homes in rectangular shapes unless you want to pay extra for a 3
piece house. If so, you can create many different shapes. If you want more bang
for your buck, however, stick to a larger rectangle shape if you need more

add details to the outside of your home like gables, hip roofs, and bump-out
windows. Again, since prefab homes are typically a plain rectangle shape, you
need to add some character with the finishing touches. Gables and bump-out
windows can do a lot for curb appeal.

What is
more, think about your lifestyle. Do you want the master bedroom separate from
the others, or do you have young children that need you nearby at all times?
Also, keep in mind that 2 story prefab homes are typically left unfinished on the
upper level. You may not even have to make bedroom decisions until later.

addition, if you have the space, it is nice for prefab homes to have a mud room
or utility room coming in from the garage. This way you can eliminate some of
the dirt people track in to the rest of the house.

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