Double layers roll forming machine

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Double layers roll forming machine is the bottom of a polygon base, to ensure the beauty of the equipment and equipment also strengthened the stability of the role. Color steel tile equipment can make it in a variety of complex environments in normal use. Double layer roll forming machine in the production of tile links are also a new step, that is, color, by pre-tune the color into the machine inside, the machine will be in the production process of its color.


You can guarantee Tile color uniformity, better meet the needs of popular friends. Color painted color is an added part of the tile can be a simple processing, with the color of the tile by the public favorite friends can be iron and steel and other common metal materials added to the machine which allows its own processing, To produce better performance tile ---- color steel tile, bright colors, tough quality, can be better applied in the field of life, better embellishment life.

Till now, our machine has been sold many countries. So you can believe the quality of our machines. Our machine is customized. If you need the machine, just provide the profile drawing or sample, our engineers will design for you.


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