Drywall stud forming machine

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Drywall stud forming machine is light steel frame roll
forming machine, which  can produce both
stud profile and tack profiles. Those profiles are used as drywall or partition
wall. The common sizes are 50mm, 75mm and 100mm, there are some customers also
required other different sizes, and ask us to design the machine as per their


About the raw material that
drywall stud forming
machine processed,
galvanized steel coils are popular, thickness is from 0.3mm to 0.8mm. 0.6mm and
0.5mm are most popular.

The track profile, produced is U shape,
stud profile is C shape, and there are punching hole on the bottom of stud
profile. We also can design the punching holes according to different
requirements. There are several popular types as below. All those hole have the
same purpose, for crossing wires.


If you want us to design a special drywall stud forming machine, you just need to tell
us your detailed requirements, or send us your profile drawing or some samples,
then we will design a satisfied machine for you.

As a professional
manufacturer of roll forming machine, we have started manufacturing and designing roll forming
machines since 1996, with more than 20-year experience. We can manufacturer and
design both common roll forming machine and customized roll forming machine.
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