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In recent years, more and more companies go to participate in exhibitions around the world, the enterprises go abroad to attend the show become a touchstone for the development of enterprises.

Our company is also an active member of the enterprise which go abroad to attend the show. When we go abroad, we show our company’ roll forming machine and new project to all the world people.

In September, our company go to Slovenia to participate the Celjski Sejem d.d Celje Fair. Our show receive very good feedback. Many customers are very interesting to our roll forming machine and left their contact ways for future business cooperation.


In November, our company workmate go to Dubai to attend the Big 5 show. The effect of this exhibitions is more and more better. The customers show a strong interest in our roll forming machine and tell us they will visit our factory in the near future.


In December, our company will go to India to attend the ACE New Delhi show. Our company booth number is 7B-I-2, welcome all the world customers to visit our booth, looking forward to meeting with you and talking with you face to face.

Please don’t hesitate to contact with me if you are interesting to our roll forming machine.



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