The feeling of the first day of work

:2016-11-27 07:11:07 :Liming Daily:1550

I remember that the weather of the first day of my work was a rainy day,and the temperature was very low.I came to the company very early.When I stood in the hall, an elder brother took me to the office.The hall is elegant, graceful and exquisite.The office is very big and clean.The temperature of the office was higher because of the air conditioning.I felt it was very comfortable to work in the office.


I sat on the seat,and looked at them press ing the fingerprint attendance one by one.I also need to press the fingerprint not only before work but before go home.we need to press the fingerprint ten minutes before the work time.I felt the strict rules of the company.

My leadership let me read one book,which is the introduction of conpany’s products in the morning.The company’s main products are roll forming machines.These products were strange for me.I heard they talking about some products,I didn’t understand completely.Besides,I felt they were very friendly.They talked about products and work,The atmosphere is very harmonious. I watched the video about products in the afternoon.I knew the operation process of the machine,and he structure of the product.


My major is accounting, neither English nor international trade,and I have never been contact about roll forming machine.So I feel strange to everything liking an ignorant baby. What I can do is to read the product introduction and watch the video.I know this is one process that I must go through.I am full of look forward to the prospect of the job.

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