Glazed tile color steel roll forming machine

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Glazed tile has a
beautiful appearance than ordinary colored steel roof . It has different color
and types. The machin
e can be customized by profile drawing .

Glazed tile color steel roll forming machine includes:7 tons of manual
uncoiler,guide platform,roll forming host,cutting device,output table,main
motor,encoder,hydraulic station,PLC control system,electronic components.


Glazed tile color steel roll forming machine : The flat sheet will be
formed different patterns after roll forming. Each model has its own design of
rollers. Manual uncoiler: It is used to support the steel coil and uncoil it in
a turnable way. Feeding Platform:The coil after uncoiling will go into the roll
forming core through this device. It can keep the plate well-leveled. Cutting
Device:The sheet will be cut automatically according to setted length. Design
the knives depend on the formed sheet. Computer Control System:The target
piece`s length is adjustable and digit of it can be adjusted.

Glazed tile color steel roll forming machine used in high-precision computer
control system, after the automatic hydraulic cut off, no deformation, no
waste, high safety factor (host stop off). Configuration manual uncoiler,
molding host, hydraulic cutter, electric control system, hydraulic system, the
material rack, for floor plate pressure type. The equipment is also fully
automatic hydraulic shear, can be fixed long cutting, convenient and quick;
pressure roller with 45 # excellent carbon steel forging processing, uniform
organization density, wear resistance consistent with the NC machining center
machine tool to ensure the pressure roller Dimensional accuracy, symmetry, good
finish, reduce the beating, small cramps roller with sub-axis dislocation
assembly, reduce the single-axis concentrated force caused by the formation of
poor results.


In addition to the production of conventional cold
bending-type machinery, but also operating the relevant profiles, technology
department has a number of outstanding professional designers and a large
number of experienced technical staff, To provide customers from the tile-type
design, machine production, tile-type processing, such as a full range of


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