Government Project For Automatic C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

:2016-11-28 08:11:46 :Liming Daily:403

Liming Stamping Form Machine Co.,Ltd is having more than 20 years in cold forming machine area.We are cooperating with many big companies and some government projects.

Automatic C Purlin Roll Forming Machines is our one of government project.C Purlin is one widely used steel frame for factory,shop,exhibitation and so on.C purlin is new style and environmentally friendly society building material,C Purlin have large amounts requirement in all over of the world.

Adjustable C Purlin Roll Forming Machine processing galvanized steel thickness 2-3mm,width 80-300mm,height 40-80mm.This is automatic adjustable roll forming machine.From button,you can get the correct sizes.Adjustable C Purlin Roll Forming Machine can stable and long time working to satisfied high quantity production.Machine working speed is 15-20m/min.

Government department come from test Automatic C Purlin Roll Forming Machine after we finsihed all machines.Enginner show then how to operating PLC, and check machine working.


Government satisfied with our Automatic C Purlin Roll Forming Machines,and checked our other roll forming machines, hope next project is coming soon.

Liming Stamping Form Machine Co.,Ltd have R&D department,so we can searching new technology for different requirement,and we can make sure offer good quality roll forming machines to each customer.We can offer complete project equipments,and we would like to offer technology support for you.

Kindly please contact with us if you have any questions or request.

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