Granny Flat – Living Safe While Keeping Privacy

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A Granny
House is so convenient and easy to build that most homeowners are now choosing
to build new granny flats that looks like miniature houses, and become an
addition to their properties.

it is a huge trend for homeowners to build granny flats beside their already
landed properties. The part of the ample benefits entail a guaranteed
accommodation for members of your big family, providing an operating office
near your home, or the granny flats could generate income from rent.

flats, which are often known as teenage retreats, are perfect for those who
don't want distance to be a barrier between them and their loved ones, but also
want to live independently. With wide varieties of granny flats available in
different areas, you can literally bridge the gap between you and your family

The granny
flat could be designed as a self-contained. Ideally, it's a small home built in
the backyard, but with modern structures and amenities that will make living in
the granny flat very comfortable for the occupant. It also comes with
electrical appliances that can be installed upon request.

granny flats are mostly build in residential-zoned properties, though its
advisable to confirm with your local council, and also do some personal
researches to find out about restrictions that could obstruct the construction
of a granny flat in your area.

building a granny flat, remember to get a permission from the local council of
your location, and ensure the flat does not take more than the required space
for building. Also, confirm the eligibility of your property from the
specialist constructing the granny flat.

addition, if you own properties for investment, and want to increase your
investment opportunities, granny flats should be a good choice, because they
are quite cheap to build and the rent goes up yearly by 10 %. The growing extra
income from rent weekly, monthly or yearly, can go a long way in helping you
pay off mortgage debts.

flats are also a good way to build independent homes on one big property space.
The flats are built so well that you do not feel any different than if you had
gone to another city to get a place.

with advancements in technology these days, granny flats can surely be
customized all according to your requirements. Thus, you will get an ideal
granny flat eventually.

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