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C-type purlin roll forming machine equipment technical parameters: C-type purlin roll forming machine equipment long 7600mm, width 950mm, high 1000mm; C steel mechanical power 11 kilowatts, hydraulic station power is 11 kilowatts; roll bearing steel, forging after annealing; base used Is made of 320 I-beam, to ensure the formation of Founder and right angle, rolling material thickness 1.5mm - 3mm, can also be designed according to customer requirements thickness; rolled C steel width of 80mm - 300mm; Speed of 8 - 9m / min; the use of new docking adjustment steel sets, simple, fast, strong; with the adjustment speed, punching fast, fast cutting and so on.

C-type purlin roll forming machine is a set of rolls can produce a variety of specifications C-purlins finished single-roll forming unit. The machine is mainly composed of passive loading frame, leveling device, punching device, cutting device after molding, hydraulic station, computer control system. The machine uses automatic flying saw punching, easy to operate.

C-type steel tile equipment Roller C steel products with good bending performance, flatness is good, automatic fixed length cutting, automatic punching, high degree of automation and fast installation, the product can be used as large and medium-sized industrial civil construction The main force structure, such as plant, warehouse, garage, hangar, exhibition hall, theaters, sports venues and so on. Cold-formed steel is the main material for making light steel, made of cold-formed steel or steel strip.


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