Improvement of C purlin roll forming machine

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purlin roll forming machine is a set of rolls can produce a variety of
specifications C-purlins finished single-roll forming
machine cut.

Process: Strip from the tail of the equipment into the press, through a variety
of pressure roller pressed into the C purlin roll forming machine from the head.
 The traditional process, the C purlin roll forming machine need to manually cut after
the fixed length, and then transported to the punching equipment in accordance
with the size of the customer requirements of the hole, the production can not
be continuous, the efficiency is not high.After gradually improving the
production process, and ultimately to achieve the entire process of automatic
control, leap to improve the production efficiency and increase the customer
equipment, technical content and added value.


The improvement process is done in three steps.The first step is to improve the
length of the measuring device and the flying saw, when the pressing length
reaches the set length when the flying saw moves, automatically cut off the
profile.The second step to improve, plus a hole in the hole of the hydraulic
punching equipment, one at the same time washed four holes, flying saws cut off
from the middle, so that the formation of two adjacent C purlin roll forming machine head and tail of the two side
holes.The third step to improve, and then increase the equipment in a hole in
the process of pressing the ball according to the user set the distance out of
the hole, the maximum can play 16 in the hole.The fourth step to improve the
requirements for the new C purlin roll forming machine in the middle of the requirements of the
double hole, the hole 4 hole punching die to 2 hole mold, modify the edge of
the program, making the edge punching equipment can play in the middle of
Hole, and the pitch is set by
the user, the maximum can play 8 groups of double holes.So that C purlin roll forming machine machine can meet the needs of
the market.


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