Indonesia Color steel roof tile roll forming machine

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steel roof tile roll forming machine, very popular in Indonesia, Vietnam,
Myanmar, Malaysia etc Asian countries.

The roof
tile roll forming machine can use color steel plate, galvanized steel plate,
aluminum zinc plate, thickness range is 0.3-0.6mm.


layer roofing tile roll forming machines can produce 2 different type roofing
sheets as customer’s request, each layer has the standalone feeding table, the
width is fixed by screw as customer’s drawing.

You can
see the structure frame (baffle) we used 40mm cast iron, whole piece cast iron,
to make sure the structure more stronger, and can give more precise for the

baffles are positioned by CNC computer, keep each space between two baffles
same, and the baffle is double triangle support to strengthen, double bearing,
running without noise.

All the
roller and cutter we use Cr12 steel with chromeplate treatment to make sure the
the roller more stronger and not scratch the surface of produce, and the cutter
more harder and long lived.

All the
datas is adjustable and set up in PLC computer program (Delta or Mitsubishi),
step length is adjustable.

We also
provide Chinese, English, Spanish, Russia, France, Arab, Japan, Korea languages
as customer’s requirement.


We can
give the machine any color painting as customer’s requirement.

Just need
give me the colour number.


stamping form machine Co., LTD is the professional manufacturer for roofing
sheet roll forming machines, but we are not only producing roofing sheet roll
forming machines, roller shutter slat forming machines, stud and track roll
forming machines, but also producing step ladder roll forming machine, fender
roll forming machine, various of tray forming machines etc.


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