Introduciton of composite steel plate

:2017-02-20 07:02:47 :Liming Daily:643

Composite steel plate is simple board room and a steel structural building materials. It is a kind of color coated steel plate or other panel and the bottom plate and the insulating core material by adhesive (or foam) a composite insulation composite maintenance sheet.It’s mainly used in these area,such as  industrial plants, warehouses, light steel residential, the original building sandwich room ,cold storage, box packaging, activities of the board, all kinds of cleaning room.It has many advantages compare normal building materials,such as:


1 light weight, 10kg~14kg / square meter, equivalent to the brick wall 1/30;

2 heat insulation, good sealing performance;

3 convenient construction, flexible installation, construction period can be shortened by more than 40%;

4 bright color, beautiful appearance, no need for surface decoration;

5 high strength, can be used to maintain the structure, load-bearing structure, bending resistance, general housing can not beam column.

Our company is a professional cold roll forming manufacturer in China.In order to meet the customer’s need,we launch a fully automatic composite steel plate production line.we can design the machine’s specification as you need.


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