Introduction of C purlin

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The use of C purlin is very wide, otherwise it will not be so popular. The application of C purlin after hot rolling cold bending processing, thin thick and light intensity, can be said to be very high, section performance is superior, compared with the old traditional channel general. Not only more environmentally friendly, but also in the same strength, C purlin can be saved 30% materials, so that the advantages of C type steel natural appeared out. In the field of steel structure buildings, C purlin, wherein the wall beam, then it can also be in accordance with the different requirements of construction the self assemble into the lightweight roof bracket, and other building components. In addition to the light manufacturing machinery in the column, beam and arm, C purlin is also fully capable. This is only part of the field of C purlin used in construction industry, automobile manufacturing, machinery manufacturing, solar power generation. Transport Steel tower, ship bridge, road and railway construction, machine room equipment container, mineral support and other fields, C purlin is often used in a wide range of them.


As the C purlin is favored by the people,our company is launch a series of C purlin machine.Its component we using are famous brand on the market,it can ensure a good quality .If you want to buy this style of machine,our machine is your first choice.


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