Introduction of the C Z purlin roll forming machine

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C Z purlin
roll forming machine
with the same set of equipment through the manual simple stepless adjustment
can produce C Z
purlins roll
forming machine of the various specifications, for the specifications do not
need to replace the forming roll.Production process using automatic control,
according to the input length, vertical hole spacing, the number of parameters
such as automatic punching, cutting, forming.

C Z purlin
roll forming machine
by the steering, leveling device, two hydraulic punching device, hydraulic
cutting device, can quickly change the type of roll forming machine, electronic
control system, hydraulic system and other components.

The whole line forming the main drive using
a gear motor plus frequency control, speed control, fixed length, positioning
control accurate and reliable.

Machine appearance, high production
efficiency (production rate of 20m / min).

steel is made of light steel structure of the main material, the use of steel
or strip cold-formed made .C Z purlin roll forming machine to create its wall thickness can
be made very thin, and greatly simplifies the production process and improve
production efficiency.

The general hot rolling method is difficult
to produce a variety of profiles with different wall thickness and uniform
shape but different shapes.

 C Z purlin machine products with good bending and
bending performance flatness, automatic fixed length cutting, automatic
punching, high degree of automation, fast and convenient installation, the
product can be used as large and medium-sized industrial buildings
.Power structures such as factories,
warehouses, garages, hangars, exhibition halls, theaters, stadiums, market
sheds and load support.

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