Introduction of the operation of roll forming machine

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The roll forming machine is divided into three parts, the
roller forming part, the pressing part, the cutting part

the roller before forming
but also to send color steel sheet, roller forming part of the motor is
dragged, the power source is the hydraulic pump, and then driven by the
rotation of the roller, bite color steel plate, rolled into a variety of
specifications tile, Pressure type is the hydraulic cylinder to drive the mold
up and down, you can press the color steel into many sections, the shape of
glazed tiles. The cut part is the hydraulic cylinder to drive the tool up and
down, you can cut the color steel tile.


There are many
parameters to set with the text screen set. The parameters are set with two
parameters: device parameter and user parameter setting. Equipment parameters
are: single pulse length, overshoot, pressure type, pressure type time, cutter
time and so on. User parameters are: number of sheets, length, first section,
distal, pitch, section number and so on.

In the modern
plant, warehouse, high-rise construction and large gas stations and many other
use of color steel tiles, and even glazed tile color steel tile, making the
appearance of these buildings vivid, beautiful. These colored steel tiles are
made of colored steel plate produced by a special pressure tile machine. Color
steel plate into the tile machine, through various types of rollers, pressed
into the various types, through the cutter cut into a quantitative length. If
you need glazed tile, you can press the type. So that you can make a variety of
color steel tile.

Double-color steel
tile equipment processing steps and processing:

Processing process
is as follows: color steel plate into the roller forming part, after forming to
the pressure part, pressed into the same distance from the shape of the plate,
the cutter is responsible for the length of cut off.


PLC electronic
control introduced:

The implementation
of some of the inverter drive motor, hydraulic station motor, pressure of the
two hydraulic solenoid valve, cutter two hydraulic solenoid valve.

The detection part
has the pulse encoder for detecting the length of the color steel tile, the
upper and lower stroke switch of the pressure type, the upper and lower stroke
switch of the cutter, the upper and lower operation buttons of the pressure
type, the upper and lower stroke button of the cutter, the emergency stop
switch, the hydraulic start / stop switch and many more.

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