Light Gauge Steel House

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The light gauge steel stud to combine into house
components as wall plates, floor slabs and roof trusses. This system applies
for 3 layers and below buildings, such as residential villas, town development,
hotels, schools, resort facilities and so forth.


light gauge steel house 
adopts the structural stud and bolts all adopt high
galvanization, G550 steel,  the material
itself with strong and high stability. It is 95-year structure safety design.


flexible layout of the light gauge steel house mainly
use exterior wall as load-bearing walls, and the flexible indoor layout can be

house have the advantage of Heat Insulation ventilation and damp proof. It
adopts the advanced thermal preservation technology---”Double thermal
preservation+Double compartment” structure. One-way ventilation layer is set
between main structure and exterior wall board. The dampness can be discharged
to the outside buy can not enter from the outside.

type light gauge steel house  has fire safety. The exterior wall materials
and insulation materials, full use of A-class non combustible fireproof


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