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As manufacturer of roll forming machine, we
have started manufacturing and designing for more than 20 years. We can
manufacturer and design both common roll forming machine and customized roll
forming machine. The machines we mainly supply are roof panel roll forming
machine, glazed tile roll forming machine, cladding panel forming machine,
double layer roll forming machine, stud roll forming machine, track roll
forming machine, furring channel roll forming machine, wall angle roll forming
machine, sandwich panel production line, auto slitting line, c z purlin roll
forming machine, floor deck roll forming machine, llight
steel gauge machine...


Nowadays light steel house is popular in
international market, and there is a very large demand for the light steel
frames. To meet such needs, we would like to supply light
steel gauge machine.

For our light
steel gauge machine, its processing thickness and formed sizes are
international standards. The thickness is from 0.7mm to 1.2mm, the suitable
material is galvanized steel strip Q235 or G550. The formed sizes are C89*41,
C100*41 and C140*41. C89*41 and C140*41 are more popular, and we have such two
machines in stock.

If it is convenient for you, I would like
to invite you to visit our factory and check our machine.


Regarding such fully automatic light steel gauge machine, the
key point is its software, which can control the machine to produce all the
machines of every part of the house, such as roof, wall, floor, stars, ceilings
and so on.

In order to show it clearly to customer, we
build a new office and pavilion in our factory.








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