Maintenance Aspects of Modular Home

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As with any
home, maintenance is important to ward off the unexpected catastrophes from
neglect. Remember, even though your modular home is better reinforced than a
site-built home, this does not preclude the need for maintenance. Depending on
whether you just moved in or you have lived in your modular home for years,
different areas may need attention. The following are some recommendations for
keeping your modular home in tip-top shape.

measures. Upon moving in, be sure fire extinguishers are located in necessary
areas throughout the house. This should include one around the kitchen area,
furnace area, electrical panel, and fireplaces. Also, one near the bedrooms is
important. Likewise, smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors should be in
place and checked biannually for proper functioning.

As the home settles over time, small cracks in existing caulking can occur
around doors, windows, trim, etc. This should be assessed at least every 6
months using an approved caulk for the material for which it is applied. This
helps maintain energy efficiency and keeps moisture from accessing unwarranted

Air conditioning filters should be inspected monthly and replaced or cleaned if
needed. This promotes energy efficiency as well, and it also promotes cleaner,
healthier air. Another filter to be considered is in the range hood. This
collects cooking fumes and also benefits from frequent cleaning or replacement.

As part of routine maintenance, all grounded electrical receptacles should be
tested every 6 months to be sure the ground interruption operates correctly.
This is simply done by pressing the buttons on the receptacles while
electricity is flowing to an appliance or device. Also, any extension cords
around the home should be assessed for damage or overload.

Likewise, every 6 months faucets should have aerators cleaned, and all pipes
and fittings should be checked and tightened as needed. Leaks need attention of
course and may only need gasket replacement.

Tiles or shingles should be inspected annually and repaired as needed. This can
prevent a leak before it develops and also limit the scope of the repair.
Likewise, gutters should be cleaned and emptied at least annually. This may
require more frequent attention if there is abundant foliage and debris

systems. In addition to filter changes, HVAC should be inspected and serviced
annually to ensure optimal functioning and energy efficiency.

Wood care.
Cabinetry and other areas of finished wood surfaces should annually be attended
to by placing a coat of wax protection to ensure durability and aesthetic

Chimney and
masonry care. Annual inspections for cracks and shifting is important and
chimneys specifically should be professionally cleaned once a year.

By paying
attention to these areas of your Container Houses, you will reduce the expense
of repairs over time. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

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