Omega profile keel roll forming machine

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omega is a strip or plate cold-rolled
forming a profile, widely used in the agricultural greenhouse purlins, sunshine
greenhouse beams, RV profiles, solar stents, large steel structure of the
purlins and other fields, hot-dip galvanized raw materials, With a long life,
beautiful, easy installation, bearing capacity and other characteristics.


Several types of Omega
profile keel roll forming machine features:

The products produced by the equipment,
with good bending resistance, flatness is good, automatic fixed length cut off,
automatic punching, through the combination of the length of the combination
can produce a variety of different specifications of the product. The company
has the most advanced processing equipment and production technology, as long
as you can provide drawings, we can tailor for you to create a dedicated to
your own pressure equipment, and to ensure good quality, affordable, the same
quality ,reasonable price.


In recent years, with the winter warm
greenhouse vegetable cultivation area has been expanding rapidly year by year,
low cost, high performance new compound vegetable sheds, which is a few steel
purlins, the application range is also growing, will give the greenhouse
vegetable production Area, bringing significant economic and social benefits.


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