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building a Shipping Container House, you need to lay a foundation where the
containers can be placed upon. Usually, the foundation ‘type’ you can use will
vary depending on your budget, structural requirements, local soil type and
local building conventions. You need to make sure you choose the right
foundation type for both your budget and the local environment.

Today, we
are going to explore the various types of foundations you can use for your
shipping container house and address the pros and cons of each foundation type.

The two
major factors that need to be considered when designing your foundation are
cost and what’s required structurally. Generally, to calculate what’s
structurally required, it is best to consult with a qualified builder or
engineer. However, both your soil type and the amount of containers you are
planning to use have a great impact here.

If you are
building on a soft soil type, then you will need a deep foundation type, such
as pile foundations. Whereas, if you’re building on a hard soil type, you can
use minimal foundations because the majority of your containers’ weight will be
distributed onto the existing hard ground.

people prefer to ‘over-spec’ their foundation, which is where you make your
foundation stronger than necessary, either for peace of mind or because you
prefer that particular style of foundation. However, the decision will revolve
around cost, design and what is structurally required.

Now, let’s
take a look at the types of foundations you can use. Typically, any foundation
which is used in ‘traditional’ home construction can be used for shipping
container house foundations. And these can be classified into either shallow or
deep foundations.

foundations are laid very near to the ground level, as opposed to deep
foundations which can be laid at depths of up to 10 meters. Recently, the three
most commonly used foundations are concrete piers, raft foundation, and piles.


piers are a type of shallow foundation and are one of the simplest and cheapest
routes to go. In their basic form, they are concrete cubes which have
reinforced steel bars within them. A reinforced steel bar is either a steel bar
or a mesh of steel wires and is used to strengthen the concrete.

This method
of foundation is definitely the most DIY-friendly, and is the cheapest form of
foundation. A great advantage of using this type of foundation is that because
the containers are up off the ground, it allows for ventilation and prevents
condensation forming underneath the container.

As a rule,
six concrete pier are laid for each container. One pier is laid for each corner
of the container and two piers are used in the center to support the middle of
the container, so your shipping container house can be stable.

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