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As a professional manufacturer, our products are mainly used in steel structure industry for producing C&Z shape purlin, load-bearing plate for high-grade steel structure residence, environment industry anode plate and kathode plate lines for removing dust; traffic-transport industry freeway guardrail plate, vehicle roll-forming materials; logistics. Goods shelf pillar, holding beam;cable bridge, Cabinet pillar and others collorary thin wall roll-forming materials serials-such as goods shelf board, kind of cabubet screen plate. Then, it can also supply kinds of line of uncoiler, leveler, slitting recoiler, cut-to –length shear stacker.

On the premise of producing high quality machines, our company also focus on the entertainment life of staffs. As a salesman, we often in a intense work condition. We must control the whole working process, including ensuring the model and parameters of machines with customers, transferring the produce information with the workshop, and then we need to deal with all kind of documents with the customs and so on.

To make our staffs more relax, our company will hold many kinds of activity. On the one hand, we have morning, evening sessions, wrap-up sessions to share our work life. You can freely talk about the things you met in the daily life or something made you trouble. And we will praise the one who has great progress in his work or who has great contribution to the company. We will give them some awards. On the other hand, we post our slogan “ CONFIDENCE” of enterprise culture in the hall to encourage our staffs to cheer up.


Our company, as a professional manufacturer of cold roll forming machine, is responsible for our every customer. We are looking forward to cooperate with you. If you need the machines, please feel free to contact us. Our email address is:


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