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Over time
it appears that prefabricated structures are being used increasingly in
applications other than commercial construction. It used to be that
"prefab" meant cheap, because in its original applications decades
ago, probably the primary attraction of these types of buildings was that they
could be put up very inexpensively. Think of the Quonset huts of World War II
or the prefabricated houses that California Gold Rush prospectors could buy in
kit form. Structures such as these housed people with much bigger things on
their mind, and so basic functionality and cost were paramount to their

construction is a building process in which elements or modules of the
structure are prefabricated at plants, then transported to the construction
site for installation. Using this method can reduce the time of building, also
saving construction cost. Prefabricated construction is now widely applied for
new houses or other building structures like bridge, tunnels, culverts, water
supply system...

benefits of prefabricated construction method is from the fabrication of
standard components on factory floor. This production is less time consumption
compared to actual condition of construction process. The prefabricated
elements are transported to the site for installing process. At the site, the
modules are unloaded, moved into position with the support of heavy cranes, and
assembled to form a designed building.

homes are buildings that are manufactured off-site in advance of a build,
sometimes as a whole but usually in sections or modules that can easily be
shipped and assembled. The particular methods of prefab housing lends itself to
both traditional and ultra modern designs so a buyer can usually find what they
are looking for.

And why
should it be economy and style be mutually exclusive anyway? What makes a house
attractive, regardless of how it is built, is how much practicality is fused
with attractive design sensibilities, and there is no reason in the world why
beautiful homes can't be created with prefabricated building techniques that
also have a multi-faceted economy running through their design.

In these frugal
times, people frequently look at the possibilities offered by prefabricated
structures before automatically going forward with conventional construction.
After all, it's not unusual to find Prefabricated Houses with inspired-even
downright luxurious-designs, usually costing only a fraction of what you would
pay for a conventional building.

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