Project 1:EPS Sandwich Panel Forming Machine Installation in Chile

We have installed one EPS sandwich panel forming line in Chile. Our technician went there for after-sales service. The machine can produce two kinds of panels, one for roof panel, and the other for wall panel. We also have mineral wool sandwich panel roll forming line.

Project 2:Workshop Building

To build one workshop need H beam, C purlin, roof panel, wall panel and mineral wool. We provided C purlin machine, roof panel roll forming machine and wall panel roll forming machine.

Project 3:OEM Production For Door Frame

These are the finished products of steel door frame made for our customer. We provide raw material, and design and make the sets of rollers according to customer’s requirements. After we assemble the machine, we start production. This is better choice to cooperate with us with producing finished products. Because we don’t need to buy a new roll forming machine. We just need to change the rollers. Our machine has this function.

Project 4:Customized Cold Roll Forming Machine

We made roll forming machine according to French customer’s provided profile drawing. The products are used for house building. One machine can totally produce more than 30 sizes. And we can also make the automation.