Roof Truss C Purlin Roll Forming Machine

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Purlin is on top
interior wall or frontispiece for support, or used to support the roof steel
and to provide lateral support beam. There are mainly C type and Z type two
kinds. Or on the wall is pressed on the pillars purlin, pressure on the article
deloitte was alarmed the rafter.Steel structure beam mainly bear the load of
the upper member, article deloitte was alarmed by setting is mainly for the
laying of roof steel. If there is no article deloitte was alarmed, will cause
deflection of large span steel plate. 

Roof truss C purlin roll forming machine components:

 1) Manual
decoiler-----------------------------------------1 set

 2) Feeding and
leveling device--------------------------1 set

 3) Rolling forming

 4) Hydraulic
punching and cutting----------------------1 set

 5) Product
support frame---------------------------------1 set

 6) PLC Control
System--------------------------------------1 set

Roof truss
C purlin roll forming machine
technical description:


  Max. Width: 500 mm
  Inner Diameter: Φ450 – Φ600 mm
 Out Diameter: 1500 mm
 Max. Loading Capacity: 5000 kgs  

2)Feeding and
Leveling Device

 It used for
making the material flat before feeding into the roll forming machine.

station: 7 rollers ( up three rollers, down four rollers)

3)Rolling Forming

 Working speed:
12m_15m/min (not include cutting) 

 Roll forming: 13stations )ASTM52100, polished and coated with chrome

 Diameter of
roller: 80mm 

 Material of
roller: ASTM1045, polished and coated with chrome HRC58-62  

 Material of
main shaft: 45#steel

 Main power:
15kw DC motor 

thickness: 2mm 

By single line chain 1.5inch 

Machine adopt new
stations to make machine stronger 

4) Hydraulic
Punching & Cutting

Type: Hydraulic Punching

material: Cr12

die: Cr12

type: Hydraulic cutting (100-200 use a specification shearing tool and 200-300
use a specification shearing tool. we have the patent technology.)

material: Cr12 Cr12MoV Cr12(total three blades)

motor power: 5.5KW

Pressure: 16Mpa

5) PLC Control

the quantity &punching length& cutting length automatically

Machine will be stopped while it is punching and cutting

Length measures and quantity counting

manufacturer: Japan Panasonic

Screen(manufacturer: Japan Panasonic)

: Omron

Roof truss
C purlin roll forming machine
products are widely
used in various fields: industrial factory, civilian building ,warehouse,

easy steel building
,manufacturing,construction and have features such as nice appearance

and durable.


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