Sandwich panel production line

:2017-02-28 07:02:25 :Liming Daily:738

Metal insulation composite board machine production line is color coated steel coil with a strong adhesive composite in the thicker core material on both sides, to a strong, light weight, thermal insulation, durable and beautiful appearance of the new Construction materials. Sandwich panel machine products and equipment sold to various enterprises. I plant according to the different requirements of users to design and production of various special-shaped composite board machine equipment.

Composite board machine equipment production line is used in advanced production technology, gas, electricity, machinery as a whole, is the processing of peace insulation color steel sandwich panels of special machinery and equipment. It is the speed of production using computer-controlled stepless speed, so that the speed of the production process is stable, easy to operate. Composite board machine equipment production line according to customer needs, the length of the computer positioning control system positioning accuracy, and in the touch screen on the regular display, and automatic counting, correction. Composite machine production line supporting the development of the molding machine can produce more than 10 kinds of version type. Corrugated composite plate version can be designed and modified according to the needs of users to meet the needs of different users.


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