Sandwich Panel Roll Forming Machine

This producton line adopts superior technology by pneumatic, electricity, and mechanism, which is the specialized machine for producing color steel sandwich panel. The production speed can be adjusted by stepless speed regulation. The complete line includes uncoiling machine, forming machine, compositing machine(ribs forming, rubber coating, warming up, compositing, hemming, notching, edge processing, pneumatic auto cutting). It's necessary for making wall and roof panel of workshop, storage and so on.

cold formed machine

  Process flow diagram  


polystyrene:Color steel polystyrene sandwich panel is mainly used in public buildings, industrial plants roof, walls and cleaning plant and a combination of cold storage, kiosks, etc. It has a moisture-proof, anti-penetration line can excellent compressive strength pole the advantages of high, and once completed, the construction speed, durable, nice features. Glass fiber: Glass fiber sandwich is two layers of glass color pressure plate through a combination of keel and glass fiber , deck and wall is divided into two categories with the board. It has good fireproof,damping,noise reduction, it is good at reducing noise pollution,improve the working environment for large public buildings, industrial plants and other buildings walls and roof.

Polyurethane:Polyurethane sandwich panel is to select two high quality color coated steel or other precision sheet metal presses do facestock, intermediate injection flame-retardant polyurethane foam liquid,to the building to bring high-quality appearance, it is the world's most forward-looking energy-saving insulation, green environment-friendly building panels.

Mineral wool:Mineral wool sandwich stand filamentous fibers with wool as the core material to make the surface color steel,In the meet building insulation, sound insulation, fire and other requirements of the premise, but also to achieve a high-quality, efficient, reliable, safe target. The products in Europe through a wide range of applications, has matured.

Technical: Application:

low block low-rise apartment house  villa house

duplex apartment common residence the welfare house 

Household Appliances apartment house TheIntity

compound apartment  Office  working room