Shipping Container House Building Guide III

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4. Find A
Contractor That Has Built A Shipping Container House Before

container houses are somewhat new and are just becoming popular. So if you want
to build a container house, you want it done right! Don’t be the the guinea pig
for new contractors in the shipping container world. Find a contractor that can
do it all since you will already be under stress on making sure your home is
being built the way you want it to be. Because of this, you want to fully trust
that your contractor knows what they are doing. Especially since building a
shipping container house is fairly new.

is a big deal! Take in consideration the climate and area where you plan to
build your home. To deal with the sun, you can double ventilate the roof or put
pallets on the external walls. If you live in an area with high wind, you may
have a problem with the sounds high winds will make inside the shipping
container. So make sure you and your contractor have a strategy to deal with
the wind. Always paint with the strongest paint to protect you container
against rain and other storms. And if you really want to go green, put solar
panels on the roof for electric and heated water.

5. Types Of

Floors are
a big decision when you decide to build your container home. In general, you
have to make sure that you pick the right type. If your container house has
different rooms, you can have a couple different types of flooring.

There are
many different types and styles you can choose from. If you are an indecisive
person and like to change up things, then you may want to choose a floor type
that you can replace easily. Such floor types can be carpet tiles. Carpet not
only feel good on your feet, but they also offer protection for the actual
floor of the shipping container. Carpet tiles can also be easily cleaned.
Besides, if the carpet tiles damaged, you can simply replace the individual
tile rather than the entire floor of the shipping container.

Or you can
choose a flooring type that is strong, durable, and long lasting ,so you don’t
have to worry about changing or replacing the floors. Bamboo is an example of
this floor style that has recently become popular. Bamboo can be customized
with styles and colors to fit your unique style. With its environmental
benefits and modern look, bamboo container flooring has became a top choice
with deciding on flooring types. Other flooring types that are also popular for
shipping container houses are plywood flooring, linoleum tiles, vinyl, or
varnish wood. All these flooring options are a good choice, but the right
choice for you needs is up to you!

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