Shipping Container House Building Guide

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refurbished shipping containers into a home is a great, new way to make our
world a better place. Not only are shipping Container Houses earth-friendly,
but they’re becoming extremely popular all over the world as they’re economical
as well. So for the people that are interested or curious about building a
shipping container house, this article is for you!

building a home from one or more shipping containers, there are many important
details you should take into consideration just like you would when building a
normal house. Here are the top 5 must know tips for building a shipping
container house.

1. See the
Actual Shipping Container

Before you
go out and buy the shipping container that you want to build your house, make
sure you physically see it first. This is going to be your house, so you have
to make sure it’s up to your standards. Some containers that you see online may
not be the same as the ones you get upon delivery.

shopping for shipping containers is not like online shopping for new clothes.
Make sure you understand what kind of material the container is made out of
(steel or aluminum) and the different sizes it comes in.

Also, often
times used shipping containers might have some rust, dents or dings. It’s important
to physically see what these inconsistencies may be, so you know how much
reconditioning needs to be done to your container. Does rust need to be
removed? Does the shipping container need a new paint job? You really never
know unless you physically inspect it before you buy it.

2. Check
Out Building Regulations

Building a
home out of shipping containers is completely different than building a normal
house. This is because there are rules and regulations. Every county and many
cities have different sets of rules and regulations when building a shipping
container house. The actual shipping container itself has all the same parts
and are made the same, but the regulations on when they are built to be a house
are different in other counties.

The climate
regulations, fire regulations, installations regulation, etc. are all
different. Also, you need a building permit for larger homes that requires
council consent. So make sure you research everything you need to know legally
when building your shipping container house. Oh, and don’t forget to check in
with your insurance to make sure you can build your container home.

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