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Our enterprise, Liming Stamping Roll Form Machine Co., Ltd set up in 1996, is the most powerful manufacture in cold roll forming machinery production in North China. In the long-term development, our company made great progress in the creative of the machinery.

Of course, we pay more attention to the construction of enterprise culture. There are seven element in our corporate cultural positioning: creative and risky; notice the details; results leads; team leads; human relations leads; spirit of enterprise and stability. Today we talk about the important point: team leads.

The whole company is a team. As we know, unity is strength. We produce high quality machines do our best. At the same time, we pay high attention to the construction of team.

The following is about that our workmates went to the Canton Fair together. At the same time in the competition, they help each other, building the deep relationship. It is benefit form the influence of the enterprise culture.

Remembering that some of workmates came back in a long-term training, our workmates in office held a great party to them. We presented flowers and flied balloons, and they are surprised and smiled. We are happy about the all of things we do.


Our company concerned about the entertainment life of staffs. We hold some activities on a regular basis, like a little games, CS real combat and so on, making the staffs relax.


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