The Application in Highway Guardrail and Stair Guardrail

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Cold forming is the process in which sheet steels are shaped into different usable products with the help of deformation techniques like pressing, rolling and stamping. In all these processes, the deformation is done on room temperature, which adds to the strength, stiffness and yield of the steel.

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Moreover, the cold forming processes can be executed at high speeds because of the efficient cold forming machines. Due to the high production rates, product quality and affordability, the cold forming machines and cold formed steel products are preferred over conventional machines and products all around the globe.

The application of cold formed steel has greatly increased in the recent times. In the past, there was limited use of the products manufactured from cold formed steel due to lack of uniform production standards and check on quality. After the adoption of uniform design standards by manufacturers using cold forming in 1946, cold formed steel became the first choice in nearly all areas of manufacturing.

The main use of cold formed steel is in construction industry where many structural and nonstructural products are made. In addition to that, cold formed steel is used in small sized products like nuts, bolts and screws and large sized products like transportation, building, highways, transmission towers and poles, drainage products and various other areas.
Highway guardrail is an important system and used extensively on the highways throughout the world. It protects vehicles from straying off the road unintentionally. The manufacturing of highway guardrails by cold formed machine is a new concept, which is gaining popularity due to many benefits as compared to the old and conventional methods. Some of these benefits are listed below.


• Highway guardrails made from cold formed steel are harder and stronger.
• They are cost effective
• Light weight and easy in handling
• Easy to assemble
• The material is recyclable and can be replaced easily when damaged.
• No shrinking and expending in extreme temperature zones.
• The panels of highway railing can act as conduits for cable networks running along the highway.

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Stair guardrail is yet another important system with application in almost every staircase. They not only protect people from falling, but also give support while climbing up and down. Stair guardrails made by cold formed machines have fallowing benefits.

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