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A cold form machine is used to forge metal to give it an altered shape at room temperature. The metal is passed through a series of tools and a die which gives it a new shape that the metal retains. The whole process does not break the metal rather, displaces the working metal and alters its diameter and length.

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Benefits of using cold form machines

Using a cold form machine is a better choice not only for the workers but for the metal itself. A cold machine offers

  • High speed
  • Time saving
  • High efficiency with dimensional accuracy
  • Reduces secondary operations
  • Quality finish
  • Material saving and less scrap
  • Greater strength to weight ratio
  • Unbroken grain flow

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Using cold form metal in subway Section

Cold form metal is perfect for commercial purposes as it is light weighted, cost effective and tough. It is used in the construction of roof structures at subway stations. Cold metal sheeting can keep the roof warm or cold and it also has waterproof layer from outside. Internal structure can also be made insulated. Rain water and melting snow does not enter the station due to the waterproof sheath.

In cold metal roofs few points are used for fastening which means high forces and small spans. Specifically designed different type of fasteners are used to make sure the fasteners or the sheeting don’t fall. This issue is especially critical in areas where wind is high like Australia. The roof has to bear a lot of weight due to the insulation and water proofing. Wider flanges are used which are turned up to support insulation.

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Some other popular uses and benefits of cold form steel

The most common use of cold form metal is in making buildings and storage houses. However, there are a lot of other less known uses like making storage shelf, entertainment section, subway section, ship bar, and space bar.

The benefits of using cold form steel are manifolds and this is the reason behind its growing popularity. It is cost effective, offers increased strength and stiffness and does not rot or combust. It is light in weight and easy for installation and transport.

Cold form metal is ideal for outdoor installation as it is weather proof and makes the place ideal for fun lovers. The structures made with it are smooth and without any sharp edges. Though it is lightweight but, it holds weight and minimizes the risk of accidents.

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