Three layer roll forming machine

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three deck roll forming machine technical parameters:

1,840 for 11 rows of shaft molding, 920 for 9 rows of shaft molding, 820
for 12 rows of shaft forming, flat surface
, no wrinkles, no paint phenomenon.

2, the body with 300mmH steel welding, the plate
with 16mm steel plate welding (U-type plate).

3, the shaft with 45 # steel, after processing shaft
size φ70mm axis. Mold wheel 45 # steel processing, the surface hard chrome

4, transmission using high-quality sprocket, chain
drive (chain hanging), 5 # 3kw planetary cycloid reducer, smooth movement, no


5, transmission bearings using high-quality 210
high-speed double sealed bearings, maintenance-free, to extend the machine
running life.

6, shear hydraulic system using CDF-14 gear pump,
shear Gr12, motor power 3kw, no noise running smoothly, long life, cutting with
medium plate welding heavier.

7, computer control system using high intelligence
industrial electronic programmer PLC control system, simple operation, accurate
accuracy, stable performance.

8, the length of the accuracy of less than 2mm,
plate speed 8-12 m / min (820 glazed tiles 2-3 meters per minute).


9, raw material support frame with manual adjustment
test, easy to operate, suitable for 0.25mm-0.8mm color coated plate or
galvanized sheet.

10, machine length 6200mm, width 1350mm, high

820/840/920 three-tier glazed tile tile machine

1, small size, mobile, easy to transport, take up
small space.

2, a multi-purpose machine, versatile, through the
purchase of the corresponding nose, you can produce different varieties,
specifications of the brick. So that users can easily according to market
demand, multi-species flexible operation, to avoid a single product and bear
market risk.

3, reduce labor, reduce labor intensity, improve
labor efficiency, so that the minimum cost of production.

4, according to customer requirements made of any
combination of any three models.

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