Using Granny House for Different Purposes

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As a matter
of fact, granny houses, also known as granny annexes or granny flats, can be
used for many things. Here are some of the reasons you may want to consider
buying a granny annex, see as follow.

1. For
granny. If you've got your mother, your mother-in-law, your grandmother, or
another elderly family member living with you, their own quarters could make
everyone happy. This could be the perfect balance of assisted and independent
living for your loved one.

2. For the
teenagers in your house. Have you got a teenager who makes a lot of mess and
noise? You may want to move them into a granny house on your property. This
could be a great way to begin the transition from living with you to living out
on their own.

3. A gust
house. Having a cute little guest cottage on your property could be an
excellent way to spend time with company and give them their own space. This could
also be great for those with a pool for changing and for supplies as well.

4. Start a
B&B. Bed and breakfasts can have charming rooms in the home or could offer
the letting of the guest house. Want to supplement your income? A charming
little guest house on your property could help you with housing your guests and
help you supplement your income.

5. Home
office. For those who work at home occasionally, or for those who from home
full-time, work-life balance can be tricky. However, granny houses could be a
great way to be home and leave home to get work done at the same time

6. Home
gym. Today's garden houses can be quite small or as big as a small flat. You
could house your treadmill, your elliptical machine, some free weights, and
more. This could be a great space for doing yoga, getting in your cardio,
kickboxing, etc.

Entertainment space. Imagine a place where you can create your home theater,
billiard room, play your arrows, set up a bar, put your big screen plasma?
Well, a granny house can house your hunting trophies, your DVD collection, and
be a place to play poker. Imagine the possibilities?

In a word,
there are numerous uses of granny houses. Whether for practical use or
entertainment purposes, a granny house can satisfy your demand. So, why wouldn’t
you consider building granny houses on your existing property?

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