Valuable Purchasing of Modular Home III

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Apart from
the desired type of your own Modular Home and your budget, you then need to
find a land to install your home. You are going to decide the foundation in the
first place, and then purchase and deliver the home to its foundation to be

Look up the
local zoning ordinances. Make sure that the property where you want to place
your home is zoned for modular structures. Each county has different ordinances
governing where modular homes are permitted. Check your local zoning and tax
laws to make sure you can put the home where you want.

the size of the lot you want. Although modular homes can fit on very small
lots, you may want to purchase a large amount of land if you can afford it.
Determine what you want to use the property for to know how much land you need.
Besides, you’ll want enough land for your entire modular home to fit on your
property with an extra couple of feet around the perimeter, as well.

the slope of the lot. Make sure that there is enough flat ground to place your
modular home on your lot. If the lot is not satisfied, expect to pay more in
installation fees to excavate the lot and provide the proper grading to install
your home. And you can hire a surveyor to provide you with a topographical map
detailing the exact measurements of slopes on the land.

Choose a
floorplan. Generally, modular and prefabricated homes come with many different
floor plans. Pick a plan that suits your lifestyle. Decide how many bedrooms
you need. Think about how many people will be living in the home, and if you
will want an extra bedroom for guests. Also, consider how the floorplan is
divided. Think about whether you want the bedrooms next to each other or on
opposite sides of the home. Some floor plans are better set up for roommates
with one bedroom and one bathroom on either end of the home, and others lend
themselves more to a family set up with a couple of rooms together on one end.
Additionally, pick a floorplan that has enough space for you and your family.
You will want enough sleeping space as well as living space for your family to
move around in.

Purchase a
home warranty. Select a manufacturer that offers warranties on the interior,
exterior and appliances. You know, a warranty can protect you in case of
defective craftsmanship or extreme situations.

Apply for
the necessary permits to install your home. File paperwork with the county to
obtain building permits for your home. Be prepared to pay the necessary fees
for your permits. Before constructing a permanent foundation on a land, you
will need a building permit. Some municipalities also require special
permitting to connect to city utility lines. If you plan to use your land for
any business or agricultural purposes, additional land use permits may also be

Arrange a
date for delivery. Contact the manufacturer of the home to learn how much
advance notice they need in order to deliver your home. Be sure to schedule
delivery for a day when you have a full day free. Sometimes, delays may occur,
causing your delivery to take longer than expected. And it is a necessity to
ask the company about any fees that may be associated with rescheduling your
delivery due to unforeseen circumstances.

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