740 automatic color steel tile pressure machine

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740 automatic color
steel tile pressure machine
 adopts imported PLC high precision computer
controller, automatic computer control, production size accurate, the operation
of the computer controller in the input data, a key production, the machine
will automatically run to reach the set After the length of the computer
control automatically cut off; machine cut off the system by the hydraulic
drive, double hydraulic cylinder lift cut off, uniform pressure, shear section
neat no burr. The equipment is mainly used for processing color coated plate,
processing finished sheet width ranging from the peak, for a large and a small,
finished sheet can be used as a building fence decorative panels and strong use
of housing panels, lap effect of beautiful personality.



 plant has been engaged in the production of
steel structure for many years commonly used roof and wall pressure plate
equipment production, its products from the initial general roof panels, wall
panel molding machine has now developed to produce a dozen series of pressure
plate production line, Fully able to meet the needs of steel construction. At
the same time is committed to a variety of cold-formed products developed and
developed, with advanced color steel tile production equipment and excellent
development and design team, products to high efficiency, high precision, low
processing consumption characteristics of the same industry-leading Level.


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automatic color steel tile pressure machine
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