Advantages of Expandable House Plan

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For many
future homeowners, today's economic environment can present a significant
hurdle when it comes to the cost of home building. Be it a newly wed couple or
downsizing baby boomers, the reality of what they need and what they can afford
are at odds. Young couples can't afford to build the size house they will need
for their growing family. Retiring empty-nesters are faced with the dilemma of
rising construction costs that have outpaced the value of their current homes
from which they need to downsize. Even young singles with good jobs and promising
careers don't have the cash for a decent down-payment on a new home and are
forced to rent.

For people
who can't afford the entire home that they will ultimately need, starting out
small building in stages, one phase at a time may be just the right solution to
set them on the path to affordable homeownership. This has proven to be quite a
popular choice in our society, especially for many young families. With the
expectations of a growing family, starting out small and adding on later as the
need arises and the budget allows, not only solves a limited budget problem but
also avoids a potential hassle later on of selling and relocating to a larger
home. And with the right kind of pre-planned expandable home design, the
disruption of future building can be kept to a minimum, avoiding the loss of
use and having to seek temporary living quarters.

house plans start with the basic essential rooms to be built during the first
phase of construction. The construction plans provide, in advance, the specific
structural details and specifications needed to easily accommodate subsequent
additions with the least amount of disruption to daily family activities and
limited retrofitting of the existing building. Future framed openings, wall
pocket studs and plumbing/HVAC access are all anticipated in the layout and
arrangement of the expandable home design. Complete, detailed construction
plans are provided for all future additions showing the exact location with
respect to the existing first phase, as well as the exterior elevations of what
the entire final project will look like.

build-in-stages house plans aren't just for young families seeking a starter
home. They also in a large demand for future retirement/semi-retirement
combo-vacation homes. People planning for the future by building in stages with
multi-use expandable home designs are starting out small with either vacation
cottages or small rental Container House.

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