The considerations of sandwich panel production line

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In the ongoing requirements of the building, we are not only stop at the construction of good-looking, and now many of the plant, the workshop requires insulation, so our designers continue to work out the development of a foam composite board machine. Here we come together to understand the following advantages of it.

Sandwich panel production line stamping process: from the electric head through the pulley, driven by the input shaft, the pinion, large gear, driven on the shaft, after a set of cam components to drive the upper part of the slide with the upper and lower movement to achieve pressure tile. In the left and right sides of the chassis, the installation of a lubrication pump, the machine work through the tubing to the friction parts of the transport of lubricating oil. If there is no equipment in the case, can also be used gas cutting. In order to improve the overall quality of gas cutting, the use of small-caliber nozzle is the best, and after cutting with a hammer light buttoning, so that the incision to smooth to remove the slag.

The interlocking of the steel in the steel structure of the sandwich panel production line should be carried out as far as possible in the shearing machine, especially for the concealed steel roof truss, which has a strong demand for operation. Cutting must ensure that correct, we recommend the use of electric sawing method, so that the efficiency will be high. And the section is smooth and smooth, the overall quality is quite good.


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